Sahaj Marg Meanderings (BENGALI)

Sahaj Marg Meanderings (BENGALI)
Sahaj Marg Meanderings (BENGALI)
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Product Code: 2026
Edition: 1
Author: P. Rajagopalachari
Language: BENGALI
Genre: Abhyasi
Year of Publication: 2014

The book contains transcripts of three interviews with the spiritual master, Shri P. Rajagopalachari, recorded in northern India in May and June 2011. They address fundamental questions to help seekers understand the system of Sahaj Marg and its roots, develop faith, deepen their spiritual practice, and explore the spiritual life of the soul in human existence. These questions and answers are as relevant for those who have been following a spiritual practice for many years as they are for newcomers. The interviews also exist in DVD format with subtitles in a number of languages. (BENGALI)