Price: ₹2,000.00
Product Code: 2635
Author: Ram Chandraji of Fathegarh
Language: ENGLISH
Genre: Members
Year of Publication: 2017

In his Foreword to this masterpiece of the first Guru of Sahaj Marg, Daaji writes, “It has given me immense joy to witness the preparation and now the release of Complete Works of Ram Chandra of Fatehgarh, Volume IV. While reading the manuscript, I was mesmerised by the various definitions, techniques and practical day-to-day examples Pujya Shri Lalaji uses to brightly illumine the spiritual path amid our worldly responsibilities. … He has gifted us precious gems – his original research, his systematic account of the spiritual process, and his insight into the human condition – that help us on our journey to the Divine within us. And all this has been instructed with deep humility.”

This archival edition is an investment for the future humanity. A description of how to care for archival books is included in each volume, so that these precious volumes can be read by your grandchildren and their grandchildren.